" CRAZY DIETS: The Weekend Diet


The Weekend Diet

Weekends use to mean beer and bourbon for me, and it showed. I've tamed my ways and spend more time in nerdville than the bar. Alas, for those who are still out and about, and want to take it easy on the weekend to make amends for a few dietary mishaps during the work week a weekend diet is for you!

Here are a few quick weekend diets to detox that I found:

The Gesta Diet (why is the inclusion of "Hollywood" make me such a sucker?)

A cute diet for "grub loving chaps" (not really a diet, but advice from the Brits)

The Leek Weekend Diet from French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating For Pleasure

Some good weekend diet advice from WebMD

And of course, there is always the Master Cleanse

Enjoy your weekend folks!

(That demented picture is from cool Barbie website PinkPonyTail - I've already arranged with my sister that I am going to be the one to give my niece her first Barbie)


Jane said...

Thanks for the advice on the blog, its very much appreciated.

It must of taken a lot of discipline to avoid the bar on the weekend, so for that KUDOS!

Ashok Ramesh said...

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charley said...

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aasi said...

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deepak said...

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