" CRAZY DIETS: Is This The Future of Diets - The Self Absorbed You Tube Diet?


Is This The Future of Diets - The Self Absorbed You Tube Diet?

As I've previously mentioned, Weight Watchers and I never worked out very well. Why?
1. I'd miss meetings because of work or laziness, mostly laziness so I'd
2. Have to pay for the missed meetings and
3. When I did go, everyone got on my nerves, either pronouncing them the "Queen of Weight Loss" or asking stupid question. I don't play well with others apparently. Acutally, I'm a social butterfly with little patience.

I like to diet in private. In fact, I think it smart to not share your dieting status when you first begin. Why? Well folks:

1. You set yourself up for failure, and the enjoyment of others, because they
2. Expect you to fail and
3. Will be watching every damn crumb you put in your mouth. If you are say on a diet that allows a cheeseburger, they won't get it.
4. Nothing is MORE boring than being trapped by someone and their dieting adventures, except maybe having to hear about someones birthing fiasco. Its bad enough you're fat, so don't be a bore on top of it!

Later on as you progress, sure go ahead and out yourself, but if you do the kick start on your own, you'll find that one person you need to make happy is yourself.

OK, so that all said, I love me some YouTube, for music, movies, documentaries, but the whole vlogging thing is just wrong. I'm happy these folks have taken their steps to diet, but to be so self-absorbed as to think anyone is going to really tune in to hear their daily diet is just obnoxious. Get a pencil and a notebook, even a regular blog-the video thing is like showing the world the shit stains in your underwear. No one wants to see it, or even know about it. If you want to keep a video record for yourself, go for it, but keep it private. Of course, I'm not being forced to click on anything, but that doesn't make these monologues any less masturbatory. Actually pretty much anything in this format, like the video comments are just sad.

So these folks had embed codes. Enjoy, Love Cranky & Crazy:

Man or Woman, you Decide?


Why I got to be hatin'? Cause I can! I guess we're all pains in the asses in our own special way. I'm just sick of the whole world wanting to be a tv star!

If you have an argument FOR video diet diaries, do share in the comments.


Flabuless said...

oops...if you visit my site DONT go to FlabTV ok...it might offend...lol As long as you stay away from that section...you'll be fine!

Anonymous said...

I'm a youtube diet vlogger. I'm admitting this to you...kind of like at an AA meeting. hehe So, my argument FOR these videos is simple. Misery loves company. I watch everyone else's attempts. They get to watch my attempts. We then are able to encourage each other and offer suggestions. It helps a little, I guess, and any little help that I can get is only a positive thing. Make sense?