" CRAZY DIETS: Turkey Time


Turkey Time

So if you haven't seen the 101 commercials reminding you of the impending Great American Holiday Season aka  Gorgefest USA, you have been under a rock, or really busy and in the case well, you're excused.

I've read a lot of articles telling you how many calories are in a slab of pumpkin pie and that the infamous marshmallow yams are just death among us. These articles also advise what and what not to eat.

You know what I say. Thanksgiving is ONE DAY. One day does not make for diet ruin, it is the days following. Call me crazy, cause I am, but I say pig out on Turkey Day and just deny plates of leftovers, or give yours away to prevent midnight noshing. Stay on track after thanksgiving and then come Christmas and Hannukah or Festivus you can do the same.

Now there are cocktail parties and whatnot, those are death traps and perhaps fill up before you go out.

But the bottom line is enjoy yourself, don't be a party pooper. You don't have to eat till you have to unbuckle your pants, but even if you do, don't beat yourself up. Just get on the diet train the next morning.

I'm sure there will be plenty of naysayers, but just like any diet "failure" you have two choices-1.to continue to give up or 2. accept you fell of the wagon and hop back on.

Happy Thanksgiving!