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Flabby and Gabby

Oh my it's been quite some time since I've posted, but that's the breaks. See, I have a health issue that has thrown a monkey wrench into my battle of the bulge and I know I am not alone.


Not just any drugs, but mood stabilizers.

Before I proceed, I think it is important, even on this diet blog to stop the stigma that comes along with mental illness. Just like being fat, people judge. Those people suck.

I won't go into the gory details, but I was diagnosed as bipolar after years of being diagnosed with major depression, anxiety and ADHD. The ADHD diagnosis was great for some time as well, Adderall is just glorified speed and I was oh so thin then, but it also made me go off my rocker.

But being diagnosed also put a lot of stuff in perspective about my eating habits--like binge eating. I've never been a purger, but I'd binge like a motherfucker. I'd also go on sprees of buying stuff out of my budget like caviar and lobster, when in reality, my budget is chicken and salad.

Bipolar or as also known as manic depression is often treated with mood stabilizers, antipsychotics instead of your basic antidepressants. Now antidepressants can, from my experience,  also exacerbate weight gain. The drugs I am currently on are notorious for causing weight gain.

The irony is, that now that I am feeling better, and more stable than I have been in my entire life I am also eating healthier and because of my debacle I do not have a car, so I walk a lot. Walking in 100 degree heat and yet, my weight is at a plateau. Also riding my bike a bit. But that all said, people have commented that I look great--obviously it is from my demeanor not my ass.

So what am I getting at here is if you, like me, suffer from any mental health issue, stay on your meds, don't let a couple of pounds stop you from being healthy in the head.  I did express concern about my weight with my psychiatrist and she prescribed an adjuct medicine that is aparrently stopping some of the evil side effects from drug number 1 like craving sugar, night eating. So look at your crazy meds as I call them like you would if you had, say diabetes, you need to take them ever day, side effects be damned. It is a lifelong battle.

Whether you are trying to lose ten pounds or 500,  I think it is essential to also look into the mental aspects of why you may have problems with weight.

I am going to be touching on this further as I have been reading and learning a bit about various foods that purport to help with various woes of the head. Some seem legit and some seem like bullshit.  I also know I am not alone. So no matter what your malady is, know that there are other folks out there like you even tough it may not feel that way.

PS. I have some good summer recipes coming up!


Helena said...

So happy I'm not the only one with various battles. Battles of the bulges and mind battles are definitely very hard to conquer. Success in your struggles. I enjoyed your adverse outlook on the weight loss issue.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog you have here Betty! I can't stop reading it and I don't even diet! Captivating writing is what is all about. I certainly hope you are an affiliate for most of the diet programs you list on your blog. FYI - Your bipolar meds are by far the most important aspect of your existence at this point. My wife is bipolar and I can't tell you how much this illness has cost us with lawyers and doctor fees. So, stay on the meds and don't worry what others think about you. Focus on yourself. Life is a series of moments and you should only keep those moments that help you and discard all the others. It takes practice. Keep writing, you have a great style that draws people in. Check out (http://www.affiliatearticlewriters.com/). I'm not an affiliate for them, but I am a member of his course (to learn) and if you like writing, then why not use it? Take care and I'll be back!

Gordon said...

I just wanted to say thank you to you. For touching upon the emotional aspect of weight loss. It is the most overlooked.