" CRAZY DIETS: Like-Minded Diet Blogger & BS "Sprinkle Diet"


Like-Minded Diet Blogger & BS "Sprinkle Diet"

Not only do I keep my own diet blog, but I read a lot of other diet blogs out there. I recently came across "Put The Fork Down," and like myself she knows behind the hype there are a lot of scams out there, her post on SENSA particularly piqued my interest.  Somehow, perhaps since I've canceled subscriptions and turned off the tube, this current shitty phenomenon didn't blip on my radar.

Basically, once again a crummy supplement hiding behind a mask of science. Having worked in pharmaceutical research for many years, I can tell you that if there is something that actually would help you lose some el-bees, or at least close to it, then a big ass drug company would be selling it, via a doctor's prescription. Anyone can hang a shingle saying "So & So Labs," but if it has not gone through the rigorous FDA approval process in the US (and similar organizations across the globe), take at your own risk.  There are those who will argue about big Pharma sucking on the teat of the FDA or vice versa, and there is some truth to that, but all the regulations and rigamarole are there to protect us from nouveau snake oil and whatnot. For more information on why the so-called "Sprinkle-Diet" is a waste of time, also check out this great post over at the Fit Shack.


Babypar said...

I think there is a proven link between smell and appetite and this Sensa Weight Loss product exposes it. The major Drug Companies don't have the patent, therefore they may not be able to manufacture it