" CRAZY DIETS: Crazy Is A Matter of Perspective - The Sardine Diet


Crazy Is A Matter of Perspective - The Sardine Diet

Some foods are best eaten at home, alone, with nary a person around to come up behind you and say "P.U.!" or "Gross!"

Sardines are most definitely one of these foods.

I'm talking of the classic canned sardines lined up in a can covered with oil, mustard, or hot sauce. Perhaps enjoyed with some crackers or on some toasted buttered bread and a slice of raw onion, tossed with pasta. Or, as I had them the other night, mashed with some habenero sauce and spread on some wheat toast. Sure, there are sardines of a more refined quality, fresh out of the sea served as tapas,but for the purpose of this blog post, just think of your regular run of the mill canned fish.

Where does the "crazy" part come in. Well, being a food that either your love or abhor, all the haters will think you are absolutely insane for even thinking of going on the "Sardine Diet." Some will expect you to be stinky instead of skinny.

The book "Sardine Diet" touts a pretty healthy eating plan that revolves around harnessing the power of eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which do include some non-sardine items, lots of fiber, and the true way to ensure you drop some pounds, reduced calories.

Overall it seems like a semi-easy plan to follow, definitely not though, for the squeamish of palate.

So there is nothing "crazy" about this plan unless you have a thing against a much maligined little fish


themixgrapevine said...

Love sardines on occassion, nice article, added you to digg the story, and posted it as well on my blog, mynew site, cheers

Anonymous said...

Take a look at www.personaldietplanner.com, they have diet ratings for each food item from USDA database, nothing crazy like sardine diet thought.

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