" CRAZY DIETS: The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets


The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets

Being a celeb crazed, Hollywood gossip monger it is only natural I'm a total sucker for celebrity diet secrets. I can barely pass a tabloid with a "Stars Diet Secrets" headline. Sad, but hell, at least I admit it. While the majority of these so called tips are bullshit, I still read on.

So when I got wind of this new book Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets by Kym Douglas and Cindy Perlman I knew I was going to have to get my paws on a copy.

Some of the tricks seem so obvious, but then don't we all "know" what to do as far as dieting is concerned, but don't really do it. For instance "The model salad" is merely lettuce and vinegar. Now I didn't need a book to tell me that is like zero calories, but still I can't lie it was a good reminder for me to quit drowning my salad in 1000 Island dressing. Some celebs eat prunes to be less bloated! Oprah drinks diet tea! Shitting is not so glamorous but it obviously keeps the celeb set thin.

This is not a definitive diet book, but definitely a fun read for anyone who is dieting or merely curious how the beautiful people stay so svelte.


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Going from Atkins to Beverly Hills diet or some other diet can be so easy. A certain number of movie stars employ experienced diet advisers who assist them in making decisions. Still, all of celebrities deal with same weight loss problems like the rest of us. Hold on to a diet is hard for them, as it is hard for us.