" CRAZY DIETS: Are you A Sucker? Eggplant Extract Diet


Are you A Sucker? Eggplant Extract Diet

Quick test:

Check out this page for "Fat Foe" an eggplant extract diet aid to see how gullible you are.

Click on any link there to find out.
You, my savvy readers, probably knew it was phony baloney when you saw the advertisement. Every day thousands of people shell out big bucks for diet products that provide false claims and cause you to lose nothing but money. Don't even read the fine print, run!


~~ Cynthia ~~ said...

Hi - I found your site among those registered for Blog Action Day -- great job! I'm another who has never known a Monday without a diet and have probably tried all you've listed, and more. I appreciate your light touch on the subject AND the solid information. I wrote a little blurb about your site today on my blog, and I've added your link. Keep writing... I'll keep reading.



Lady Rose said...

Priceless LOL Thanks for laugh this is definitely one of those to giggle over (just hope not too many people fall for it)

James Toal said...

The problem is people are willing, if not 'dying' to shell cash for an easy way of losing weight. If it does not work the person buying takes the guilt of being overweight and transfers it to the person selling.
That is why these advertisements make so much money. Does not matter what it is, could be a pink banana, anything.
That is why these blogs are so important. To give readers information and solutions.