" CRAZY DIETS: Vintage Weight Watchers Recipe Cards and a Good Read


Vintage Weight Watchers Recipe Cards and a Good Read

For those of who that at are not familiar with author Wendy McClure, she started out with a site that showcased found vintage Weight Watchers Recipe Cards. Yellowed, and faded, these cards show how far we have come in the weight loss game.

She's written a humorous and honest memoir of her diet battles called "I'm Not The New Mewhich is a great read for anyone who has ever battled the bulge, dealt with the angst of being over weight, and wondering if maybe they should stay how they are. She's also published the Weight Watcher card collection in a volume called "Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan."

Wendy caused a bit of a ruckus amongst attendees at the BlogHer conference in Chicago last week. It was those for weight loss vs. those for fat acceptance. As much as I love a good fight, I'm glad I missed that session. Why? As much as I love and respect those who can remain overweight, healthy, and love themselves, I personally am of the weight loss camp. I have suffered various weight related issues--hypertension, knee pains, hiatial hernia and *GERD (aka acid reflux aka Gastroespophagal Reflux Disease)due to carrying too much weight around. I too suffer from depression, I don't think the depression is because of the weight, mine is definitely biochemical, but it certainly never helped matters. Not to mention I'm so not proportional. All my weight is in my stomach, which is the most unhealthy fat. If I was proportional and merely curvy, and of course healthy, I could deal. I think everyone should do what is best for them. That said, I think women of all shapes and sizes are sexy. My gorgeous girl pals range from a zoftig 22 to a sub-zero. Guess what, they all have issues. Women, at least American women, all have been damned with body issues. To be rid of them is to be liberated. I, am not that lucky.

Regardless of your stance on the blub, give Wendy's books and site Poundy.com

*while this can appear in thin folks, I know from experience that the heavier I am the more my reflux causes me problems, due to location of the extra weight.


This Mama Cooks! On a Diet said...

I too feel better when I'm thinner, but not necessarily skinny.

Anyhow, Wendy's books are terrific and the panel and session at BlogHer was actually very tame. I think we all came to the realization that as long as you are healthy (eat your veggies and exercise) you're o.k. However, many women at the session have had a very difficult time with body image and being overweight. Their blogging has helped them cope and gain support. But at the same time, it has exposed them to blog trolls who have attacked them for being overweight.

BlogHer was great this year because people were very excepting. If you were celebrating your weight loss - great. If you were happy with being large - great. All body types are beautiful.

Cool Jerk said...

I recently made Frankfurter Spectacular for my poker party and it was a sight to behold. We were definately thinner by nights end because no one even attempted to eat it. How insulting!

Celia Pleete said...

I've seen these cards before, and boy are some of those recipes scary. Worse, the photos of them make the food look so unappetizing I'd rather starve than eat it.