" CRAZY DIETS: 10 Signs That it is Time To Lose Weight


10 Signs That it is Time To Lose Weight

In no particular order:

1. People ask if you're pregnant

2. People ask if you're pregnant and you're a guy

3. You have rolls...over your shoes/your once sexy ankles are "cankles"

4. Socks and Bras cut off your circulation

5. You're breathing heavy, and you're not having sex, exercising, or making prank calls.

6. There are Cheetos in your cleavage (I found a few leftover snacks in mine in the past!)

7. All the clothes that are now available for you to wear involve elastic and are matronly

8. The only bras that come in your size are white

9. You feel like shit, all the time

10. Your ass is now in your front

Note, I have experience the pain of being heavy, I've experienced them all, well except number 2. Not to mention intention from friends & family. It hurts to hear, like anything else, though it is up to YOU to make the decision to lose weight, on a healthy diet or even a crazy diet! It is not anyone else's decision!


Sara Lynn said...

Oh my God, some of your posts are hilarious. I am a health and fitness coach and happened on your site tonite. A good sense of humor can take you a long way. Keep up the good work you are going in the right direction. By the way, I love the dog photo...he or she definitely looks like many of us feel when we have all 10 of your signs that its time to lose weight!

Darrin said...

Holleee Crap! that dog looks like a Grizzly! Good stuff!

4udiary said...

Oh my GOD... who make this dog fat till like this...

mercola said...

You have a funny blog here, a fresh approach to blogging about diet. I like it. That being said, that dog needs to lose weight.