" CRAZY DIETS: Alli Baba & the Shitty Drawers - Is Diet Drug Worth It?


Alli Baba & the Shitty Drawers - Is Diet Drug Worth It?

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A reader inquired if I have tried Alli. The answer is no. Why?

a. I have not spoken with anyone who has.
b. I worked on one of the clinical trials of Xenical many years ago, the drug it is also marketed under in a higher dosage by prescription. If you've typed "oily stools" and "anal discharge" for a few months, you'd think twice about taking it. That said, people were losing weight.
c. I am on so many other medications that I need to be on, that the thought of taking another pill is just not attractive to me. (Crazy pills, blood pressure pills, tummy pills.)
d. I tend to have a nervous stomach. I don't know if it is actually IBS, but there are times where I get a little worried about making it from point a to point b.

BUT if I do decide to take it I will:

a. First try it out on the weekend, if I am going to have any adverse side effects, I'd like to be home.

Have any of you, dear readers tried Alli, and have you had positive or negative experiences with the drug. Now that its been out for a month or so, I think their should be some good stories, or shitty news.


losin it said...

ive tried it, and yes, if you eat some REALLY fatty foods then youre gonna be regretting it...just always resist the urge (if youve been hitting the deep-fried buffet) to let one rip or youll be running home for a new pair o shorts.

however...i dont find those kind of effects unless (like i say) its an especially greasy meal.

ive also lost 20 pounds :)

Anonymous said...

I tried alli and although I did get the oily discharge, it was only when I pooped so it really didn't effect my day to day life like it has others. I only have 15 pounds to lose but with this I am losing about a half pound or so a week without dieting with it so it works. I guess I'm one of the lucky few!