" CRAZY DIETS: The TMI Diet - When You End Up Losing Weight Without Really Trying


The TMI Diet - When You End Up Losing Weight Without Really Trying

I've been a hypocondriac as far back as I can remember. The sniffles are pneumonia, a scratch is a wound, and so forth. The lone allergic reaction I've had to a medication has led to 15 years of fear and excitment every time I take a new pill. When I get a cold, it is a full blown affair with me spending a hour in the pharmacy comparing cold meds for content and prices. I'll come out with said medication, plus every ointment, salve and unguent that could possibly make my cold better. Luckily, thanks to, what else, but medication, my hypocondria has dissapated a bit, but I still get a sick pleasure of being able to get my prescriptions filled in the hospital where I work vs. a regular drug store. Anyway, for all my worrying, I actually have been pretty fortunate. The bug big that was breast cancer was actually a bug bite, my problem swallowing was not some rare digestive problem, but merely anxiety.

Where was I going with this? Oh yes, so the past three days I have been suffering from a god-awful headache. I don't think it is a migrane, but merely a sinus headache from staying indoors where it is air conditioned vs. staying out in the heat. For some reason, despite the pain and nausea, lack of appetite and my hypocondria, don't want it to be a migrane. But, I am sickly happy that my stomach has been upset. Three days of pooping out the pounds, and blurry vision. I called on pothead friend for a lone bonghit to ease the pain, but he's dry till Friday and I'm just going to have to deal.

It is wrong and abnormal to think like this, but if you can blog about it, what can you do?

I have a checklist of diets to review, and they are some choice ones. But until then it will be me, my icepack, bed, and enjoying the three pounds I've lost via this pain.


Rebekah said...

I have the exact same symptoms! Mine are migraines though because of the sensitivity to light and throwing up.
Its deff. not sinuses acting up.