" CRAZY DIETS: Pierce Your Ears To Lose Weight?


Pierce Your Ears To Lose Weight?

The woman over at Diet Meals Recipes, has found an interesting way to lose some weight. Or, as my father would call this fad, "cockamamie bullshit."

It is called a "weight-loss staple." According to the blogger (sorry her name is not available) "Dr. Burrows claims that most people who get their ears stapled will lose staggering 10 - 30 pounds a month without any exercise!" Basically it is like accupuncture mixed with an earring.

For more information, read the entire post here, which is pretty funny as well. Or alternatively, here is the site of the doctor, Dr. Burrows, who started this interested and crazy sounding procedure.

PS. I think I'm totally going to do this!


Jane said...

I don't know how this could possibly work, I think losing weight is all about determination. I've been Losing motivation recently but came across a site which helped

I've been reading a lot of success stories lately. It's really inspirational!

resdaq said...

I think I will wait for more information on this one, lol.