" CRAZY DIETS: C is For Crazy Cookie Diet


C is For Crazy Cookie Diet

Cookies? Diet? Cookie Diet? Well that sounds totally impossible, doesn't it? Usually the reason why you've gained weight is your love of cookies, so the whole concept of actually eating cookies to lose weight seems nuttier than a oatmeal macadamia cookie!

There are various versions of the cookie diet, and while none of them involve a box of Oreos, they all appear quite cool.

There are two camps claiming to be the originators cookie diet, Dr. Sandford Siegel (and sometimes the cookie diet is referred to as "the Siegel Cookie Diet") and "Smart For Life Weight Management Centers." I'll let them battle it out on their own. There is also the "Hollywood Cookie Diet."

The basic concept of the various cookie diets are:

1. Eating approximately 6 of the various versions of "cookies" which are really high fiber, nutritious bars (contingent on the manufacturer).
2. Eating a "sensible meal" at night.
3. Drinking boatloads of water with each cookie

One thing of note is that these are very low calorie diets, approximately 800 calories a day which is very low. As with any low calorie meal replacement diet, you'll lose a lot of weight fast, but keeping it off will be the challenge of you learning how to eat a proper diet.

As with any diet, please consult your physician before starting any of these programs.

For more information on the various diets and products here are a few links:

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FiveMoreToGo said...

Cookie Diet Lawsuit Update
Actually, there were never "two camps claiming to be the originators cookie diet". It was never contested that Dr. Sanford Siegal created the Cookie Diet in 1975. What was contested was who owns the trademark "Cookie Diet". Well, that question was answered on July 13, 2007 by a U.S. Federal Court in Miami:

Dr. Sanford Siegal Wins Preliminary Injunction in Cookie Diet Trademark Lawsuit


Other information is at Dr. Siegal's web sites, http://www.CookieDietOnline.com and http://www.DrSiegal.com.