" CRAZY DIETS: Alkalarian is a Not a Religion or a Planet


Alkalarian is a Not a Religion or a Planet

One of my readers, Alan Who (I wanted to write "Dr.Who") tipped me off to a crazy diet I of which I was not aware-the Alkalarian diet.

Despite my 14 years in the pharmaceutical industry, I am by no means a scientist, so that said I'm going to explain this pretty plainly. I must note that when diets get all scientific on my ass I tend to shy away from them. All I want to do know is, am I going to drop some poundage? I'm sure I"m not the only one who's skipped the jibber-jabber in the front of a diet book explaining How eating only X will cause you to to not only lose weight, because the X reacts with Y. Blah.

OK, so the Alkalarian diet's concept is that "is that the over-acidification of the body is the single underlying cause of all disease" and that all the crap we eat makes our bodies acidic and therefore screws up our body's alkaline ph balance. The Alkarians claim:

1. Fat is caused by over acidification. I always thought it was caused by doughnuts.

2. Yeast & fungi gobble at your innards stealing precious nutrients

3. Over acidified body will cause allergies, fatigue and the end of the world.

4. You have to buy a bunch of their supplements and waters.

I dug around a lot and couldn't seem to find any information about this diet without seeing a page that screamed "multi-level marketing"

According to Quackwatch.com, Dr. Young, the main huckster of this diet, has been charged with felonies for practicing medicine without a licence, told a woman with cancer to stop her chemo after he supposedly analyzed her blood and start taking his supplements (that in itself makes me hate them, my mother died of cancer, I work for a cancer center) There are many more interesting tidbits about Dr. Robert O. "Asshole" Young on their website. It is a good read, definitely click on that link above.

All this said, from what I read, I wouldn't do this diet. Anyway, this appears to be more of a cult diet vs. a fad diet, don't expect to see "Alkarian Meals By Kraft" any time soon.Remember folks if a doctor is not an MD or DO, heed caution & do some research on them. Weight loss is a gadzillion dollar industry, and there are many people ripping folks off practicing their faux medicine.

Proceed with caution.

PS. Poke around Quackwatch, it is a great resource. Consider it the Snopes of medicine.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if you met an Alkalarian you would change your mind. I don't always believe what I read or hear about, but one day I hard about this diet and supplements and there was a meeting about it so I decided to check it out.
It started out with about 15 people giving amazing testimonies of all kinds of disease being cured even cancer and weight loss and being immune to disease. Some with physical proof. Two of the people I already knew but did not know they were an Alkalarian.

Just a few days prior my doctor told me I had 3 lumps in my Brest and they needed to be surgically removed. But I decided not to get the surgery and started the alkaline diet and supplements. in less then 6 months my lumps were gone and so were my allergies and I have a lot more energy & don't catch colds any more.
So maybe you shouldn't tell people to beware of this diet if you don't know any who has done it or seen evidence that it does not work. If you are really have concern for cancer patients you should really look in to this more. Everyone I know and have heard of that has tried this has worked for them if they stick to it, and many have hard evidence from medical doctors. Please contact if you would like to know more at airiel_m@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Before u call the guy an asshole, check him out. Maybe the people you and I both loved would have had a chance if they heard about this diet. It definitely helped my fat ---. Cancer centers make money off drugs that enventually do more to harm the patient than help them. Also, cancer centers make gazillions of dollars poisoning people in hopes it will kill the cancer. The Alkalarian diet is natural and has little or no chemo involved. Try it before u slam it homie.... my high blood pressure and diabetes is under control and basically non-existant thanks to this diet.
p.s. People should get paid if their sh-- works.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other two comments and want to add that there is no pyramid scheme. I have been on the alkalarian diet for two years and I get all my food and supplements at the local grocery store and health food store. There is an option to purchase from Dr. Young, but he also gives complete details about what to purchase and makes it very easy to shop right in your own neighborhood.
Try this diet for just three weeks and you will discover energy, and good health that you thought was gone forever.
I'm happy to tell you more if you would like corkinfo55@comcast.net

Alex said...

I am an Alkalarian. Dr Young (he is not an MD, but he is microbiologist, therefore a Dr), and his 30 years of research saved me from CFS.
I have many friends around the world, met through A;karian sites, whi have stopped chemo and healed their cancers through eating alkaline (ie natural!!!!) foods.
I know people who have reversed their diabetes and alkarian atheletes who, at 80, still run trialathalons.

Before you attack something a call it a cult, do a bit MORE research. Research doesnt stop at Quack.com, trying it for yourself would be the first step.

How on earth could a lifestyle that tells you to eat lots of greens and drink plenty of water hurt you in any way?

And yes, they do sell supplements, they have to make a living. Why is it that if pharmaceutical companies charge for the chemo drugs, he is not allowed to charge for his stuff?

Overweight said...

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